Just putted on a peer of spiked tiers on my bike. Now I’ll be able to ride even though it’s ice outside ❄ ⛄

#biking #bikinginoslo #bikecycle #spikedtires #ridingonice #winteraintstoppingme #rt4 #vegan (at Oslo, Norway)

Rain, cold, and hardly any daylight. Want to go back to Southeast Asia
🌞 🌴 🐲
#vecationover #homeagain #backhome #backinoslo #rain #clowdy (at Oslo, Grunerlokka)

Suvarnabhumi international airport Bangkok has gotten it. Fruit, smoothies, and juices for sale. It’s so hard to be vegan (not) 😄🍉🍓🍑🍌🍍🍆 #suvarnabhumi #vegan #hclf #rt4 #fruit #juces #smoothies #ctfu (at Suvarnabhumi Bangkok Int’l Airport สนามบินสุวรรณภูมิ)

Just had the best veggisburger, no let me correct myself, the best BURGER EVER! Love Taste From Heaven Vegetarian Restaurant, perfect place to come if you are a little tired of Asian food, and want some western like food for a change 😄🍔
#tastefromheaven #vegan #vegetarian #burger #veggiburger #hclf #ctfu #rt4 #ChiangMai #loveit (at Taste From Heaven)

My new Personal Best up Doi Suthep. I really enjoyed the time spent here in Chiang Mai; biking, meeting lots of great people, lots of great vegan food and so on. Considering moving down here 😄
#rt4 #hclf #ctfu #doisuthep #personalbest #personalrecord #biking #strava (at Doi Suthep Mountain)

Me and my bike. Think we should call them vegan bikes here in Chiang Mai. T-shirt from @henyamania #hclf #ctfu #carbthefuckup #rt4 #vegan #veganbike #bikecycle #bike (at Chiang Mai, Thailand)

Norwegian health authorities promotes what?

I can´t belive what I saw; the Norwegian Directorate of Health and the Norwegian Food Safety Authority labels red meat as health foods. Seriously… Despite clear cut evidence, now even from the WHO that it promote cancer and heart disease. What will the next thing be? Advising us to smoke, but only the milder cigarets with filter?

New channel name, twitter-acount, and now website, going serrius

So, I just changed my youtube account name from PizzaSliceVegan to SlicedVegan. And at the same day I opened a Twitter Account in the same name. And now this webpage. What is going on? What is I am going serious, that is what is going on.

As I also said in the video, if I was going to be doing the same 1-2 uploads a month, and with a highly strange name, and nothing more going on around it, I might as well have just shut down the channel. I stead I am gearing up, trying to see if this might grant me more views.

There won´t necessarily bee so much more videos at first. But what I am doing, is that I will be setting of time to work with sosial media at least an hour a day. This means time that would otherwise have been spent in front of the TV or watching youtube-videos, will now be spent into research and creating content for my next video instead. That is something I would consider a good disposition of time spent.

Also, I just created an Adsense account, and will link it to my youtube-cannel. This video gave a very good description on how to set up an Absence account (not my video):

Now why would I do that, when I only have 7 subs, and no chance of getting any money out of this youtubething yet? Well, it all has to start somewhere. Getting this will show to the most critical person in my life (my self) that I AM really really serious about this.