Veganism for ethical reasons/ “for the animals” does not speak to me. Yes, I know the terrible things that happens in farms and slaughterhouses. Yes, a cow 🐄 has to be made pragnent several times over and over via artificial insemination (forcing a tube with seamon up her vagina) for it to produce milk, and the baby cauf is foesfully taken away 😮… . All of this is horrible. But to think that this is the best approach I think is wrong. People can just chose to turn away, they don’t need to listen to you. To think that all ex vegans did not care about animals is also flat out wrong (referring to ex vegans on YouTube). I have seen their old videos. . . I belive it’s much bether to tell people that they are going f**king to die if they don’t switch their diet (to a healthy vegan plantbased one). And to try to be a good example. Maybe my approach is wrong too. But there should at least be room for more approaches…. . I disagree strongly with the definition of veganism having anything to do with etics. It’s a diet. Does not mean that I go out and by a letter jacket and watch bullfights (who the fu** do that nowdays anyway? ??). I care for animals, environment and the planet too. Does not fu** mean that I want that in the defenitipn too. Animal right activism is animal right activism. Veganism is veganism. I know I’ll get a lot of disagreement on this, but whatever…. . Also, horse back riding 🐴 and buying a dog 🐶 IS vegan! What if we cared about more important stuff? 🙄 . . . #veganisme #veganism #vegan #vegetarian #plantbased #veganactivism #veganskaktivisme #vegandefinition #whatisvegansim #veganchiangmai #chiangmaivegans #healthyvegan #plantebasert #realvegan #youarenotvegan

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