Find one unhealthy ingredient🤔

This is not to the standard “what I ate today” post, but rather a learned lesson. After eating this extremely healthy looking meal I did not feel the normal clearness and energy I feel after a good plant based meal. Instead I felt a bit dizzy 😵.

 This is a quite known feeling, and I knew the reason; oil in the food. And there must have been quite a lot of it to make me feel thid. The thing is that I could not see any oil in the food itself. Guess where it was? In the vegan Thahini. . Yes, I probably should have known this… Or asked. But my biggest concern at the time was that everything was vegan.
This meal ended up being more unhealthy than eating French fries 🍟 at Macdonald. Normally I spot the oil in the foods. I’m getting quite good at it, and when I see the food is oily I just eat more rice and less food. I don’t blame the resturant, I should have asked. But this is the things we don’t think about, so just wanted to warn you. . Stay healthy 😄 . #stayhealthy & #nooil #oilyfood #unhealthy #atleastitsvegan #veganresturant #vegan #nothealthy #donteat #planybased #plantpower #rawtil4 #higcarblowfat #higcarbvegan #vegetarian #veganer #plantebasert

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